Understanding Why Preventative Maintenance Of AV Systems Is Cheaper Than Break Fixes

Systems Last Longer When They Are Proactively Maintained

Many organizations today depend on their AV tools to get things done. AV software and hardware are used very frequently for working on existing projects, brainstorming future directives, and interacting with customers. If something goes wrong with an AV system, it can cause many internal and external problems. To help cut down on your company’s AV costs, preventative maintenance is a much better solution than only fixing something when it breaks. Here are three reasons why preventative maintenance of AV systems is cheaper than only performing break fixes.

Systems Run Better With Preventative Maintenance

AV systems are designed to work a certain way. Hardware and software updates, an important aspect of preventative maintenance, are integral to keep AV systems running the way that they should. If you fail to keep up on your preventative maintenance, you may not experience any failures or outages, but it is likely that your audiovisual system will not run as well as it would if you had engaged in preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance Is Faster

When some part of your AV system goes down, there are several things that must happen before the problem can be addressed. First, someone has to report the issue. Then someone needs to create a support ticket or notify service personnel that there is an issue to be solved. Finally, the tech team needs to spend time fixing the problem and making sure it does not happen again. The combined time that it takes for all of these events to take place could be hours, or in the worst cases, days. Compare this to the time that it would take a tech to install new software, align a lamp, adjust a wire, or keep your devices clean. There is no comparison: the time difference between a break fix and AV system maintenance is one of the main reasons why preventative maintenance of AV systems is cheaper than fixing problems as they come up.

The Hidden Cost Of Client-Side Issues

If a component of your AV system breaks down while it is being used by a client or while someone at your company is using it to help a current or prospective client, there are costs that are difficult to document and often much more severe than the price of repairing your system. For example, think about the effect it would have if you were trying to land a high-value deal with a significant client, but while you were on a video call your AV system went down and could not be restored right away. Not only would you lose that particular opportunity to convince the client that your services are worthwhile, you also run the risk of negatively affecting the prospect’s opinion of your organization. This is an immeasurable risk that you cannot afford to take if you want to maximize your revenues and make a good impression on your current and prospective clients.

Many businesses are worried about the cost of maintaining their AV systems. While it is true that there are some costs involved, it is important to think about the cost of your system going down. Shorter fix times, better AV performance, and making a better impression on customers are all reasons why preventative maintenance of AV systems is cheaper than only performing maintenance when something breaks.


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