3-5 Unique Applications For Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the most widespread types of technology available for organizations. As digital signage continues to become more sophisticated, its users are coming up with some very inventive ways to apply this technology. These unique applications for digital signage are sure to give others some inspiration for how this kind of signage can be applied.

Ceiling-Based Signage

Put a sign on the ceiling? With digital signage, this is very possible. Take a look at Oakley’s New York store, which includes a long series of displays on the ceiling to help inspire customers and better convey Oakley’s brand message. Signage on the ceiling is unique because it catches attention and shows off an interesting application for digital signage: not many other stores would think about having such a large display on their ceiling.

The Airport Video Wall

Digital signs are nothing new in airports, but this application is a particularly unique one. In the Eindhoven Airport in The Netherlands, a sophisticated video wall provides news information, weather, and the date and time. This application is unique because of its sleek execution and its aesthetic: the wall is placed in a central area of the airport that allows it to grab attention quickly from viewers.

Digital Walls In Banking

One of the most unique applications for digital signage can be found at the BBVA Bancomer in Mexico City. This cutting edge digital signage application consists of a 4K screen that is 91 feet long and eight feet tall. The wall was designed to provide background to the thirteen ATMs at the bank. This application is extremely unique because of its size and layout: the ATMs blocked a portion of the screen, and it is rare to see digital signage of such a high resolution extend so far. This application is a great way to show banks what is possible with the future of digital signage.

Gesture Tracking With Signage

Gesture tracking is not necessarily a new concept – it has been deployed on video game consoles like the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 for many years now. However, unique applications for digital signage relating to gestures are allowing companies to protect their signage as well as the consumers using them. One great application of gesture tracking is in medical facilities: instead of a touch screen, gesture-based signage can be implemented, which helps fight the spread of germs that can cause sickness. Gesture tracking also allows signs to be enclosed, to prevent theft or vandalism.

Although these are four unique applications for digital signage, there are plenty more to be found in banks, airports, museums, hospitals, and universities all over the world. It is truly an exciting time to be involved in the digital signage industry or simply to be someone that is passionate about this technology, as cutting edge AV companies and corporations are all realizing the benefits of breaking new ground when it comes to digital signage that is used to inform, entertain, or communicate with the people around them.


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