5 Applications for BYOD in Audio Visual Systems

BYOD, also known as bring your own device, is a technology policy that is becoming more and more popular in the workplace. Late last year, Virtual Bridges reported that 53% of information users incorporate a personal device into their work to help them do their jobs. There are also many applications for BYOD in audio visual systems that are used to make communication easier in the corporate world.

Improving The Mobility Of AV Systems

With BYOD, employees can access computers and other elements of AV systems while they are at home or out of the office on a work trip. For example, a businessperson that has to come up with a presentation might use computer systems that are connected to audiovisual technology in the office using a remote login system on their personal device that allows them to access files on these computers from any location.

Allowing For More Effective Presentations

When business professionals are more comfortable with the tools they are using to present important information to their colleagues, they have a much easier time presenting and usually do a better job. One of the best applications for BYOD in audio visual systems is using employee devices to make presentations on company systems, which makes team members less worried about speaking to a group and more focused on conveying the content of their presentations.

Facilitating Remote Working

Remote workers can cut down on business overhead and improve both productivity and happiness among workers. If you are looking to give your company’s workers the flexibility of working from home or from their travel destinations, integrating their personal devices into your AV system is a great way to do so. Personal devices that are linked to AV systems can be used for audio or video calls with remote workers. This is one of the applications for BYOD in audio visual systems that employees will appreciate, since it gives them more freedom to get their responsibilities handled and shows that their employer trusts them.

Cutting Down On Costs

Instead of purchasing a computer for each of your team members to use in your company AV system, why not allow them to use their own device? This saves your business from spending thousands on equipment that employees can only use when they are in the office. The cost savings from using BYOD in your AV system will allow you to devote valuable business capital to other areas that need it.

Boosting Employee Morale

ZDNet reported that according to a recent study of BYOD policies in Asia, these kinds of policies lead to more happiness and productivity. Employees that are more satisfied with your AV systems will be more adept at using them and will be happier to get their responsibilities completed, whatever they may be.

When it comes to applications for BYOD in audio visual systems, companies have a wide range of options available to them. Whatever reason your organization has for incorporating BYOD policies into your use of audio visual devices, you will enjoy the benefit of a system that costs less, is more flexible, and provides a greater level of employee satisfaction.


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