Why Cloud Videoconferencing Is Gaining Popularity in the Enterprise

In the tech world there has been much discussion recently about the Cloud. Businesses are still trying to figure out exactly how it can be used for their benefit. One of its most effective uses comes in the form of cloud conferencing, a method by which business professionals can communicate with each other using Internet-based software. Cloud video conferencing and the enterprise are very well suited for each other for several key reasons.

Remote Working

Remote working is becoming extremely popular in the modern business world. Statistics have shown that almost one third of the United States’ full-time workers complete a majority of their work remotely. Video conferencing makes it easier for professionals to work remotely as long as they have a camera and a microphone that are compatible on their computer.

Archiving Your Meetings

Before the rise of video conferencing, remembering what was discussed at a meeting meant someone either had to take notes, or an audio or video recorder had to be used to archive what was happening in the meeting. Thanks to Cloud video conferencing tools, businesses can now record their meetings within the software that they use to hold conferences, making it much easier to refer back to information discussed at a conference.

Training Benefits

Some people in the commercial sector may remember the days when training meant sitting through a long orientation video or reading a manual about company policy. One of the reasons that Cloud video conferencing and the enterprise is such a great match is because of how it impacts the way that companies train their new employees. Using video conferencing, for example, you can train multiple employees at the same time. Are you looking to bring in a trainer that is not in your geographic location? Using video conferencing you can have them deliver a remote training session that can be recorded for future use.

Increasing Collaboration Between Multiple Offices

Another reason why Cloud video conferencing and the enterprise go together well is because of how applicable this technology is for companies with multiple offices. Large corporations that have offices in different cities or even different countries will reap many benefits from using video conferencing. Instead of spending money to send employees to these different offices, organizations can use a series of video conferences for the intensive collaboration that is required to get projects completed in a timely fashion.

Better Customer Service

Want to give your customers an extremely intimate support experience that allows them to feel like they are getting personal attention? Video conferencing is a great way to do so. With video conferencing you can speak directly to customers who need assistance, giving them prompt, attentive assistance that will improve your retention and customer satisfaction rates.

Cloud video conferencing and the enterprise go very well together. Because of an increasingly global economy that has led to a rise in remote working and business across borders, video conferencing is perfect for companies that want to reduce costs and make sure that their employees can collaborate from any location.


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